Hey I'm Alex, your Wavy Curl Coach!

This might sound familiar..

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Your bathroom drawer is filled to the brim with half-empty bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products that promised to tame your unruly wavy hair.

Here's your permission to toss or donate them..

(& I'm ready for you to send me a pic of your epic graveyard products clean out)

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You won't need them once you..

STOP relying on generic products and influencer curl routines that don't work for you


START using products, styling, and techniques that create and recreate beautiful, defined waves that look healthy and full of life.


For 23 years, I had no idea that my hair was anything other than a hot mess.

I was chopping it short every time it started flipping out, thinking I was cutting off the curls.

I thought I had half straight, half curly hair, or what I liked to call "failed curls."

That is, until I started using products made to fit my specific hair type and needs and researching styling methods to make it look like it was AT LEAST the same head of hair.

I spent countless hours researching, experimenting, and learning how to take care of my hair like a boss.

After some research and trial and error,

I finally figured out that my hair was actually wavy!

With more research and time I truly knew what my hair needed and why.

It was no longer a guessing game. It was more like a recipe I knew by heart.

I started sharing my transformation on social media, and before I knew it, I was connecting with wavies from all over the world.

I provided consultations for over 7,500 people and researched ALL hair types before building All Kinds of Wavy.

Now, I'm on a mission to EMPOWER you to discover your natural texture and rock those waves like the badass you are.

How to OWN your wavy hair

All Kinds of Wavy empowers you to not only wear your hair natural, but also to find confidence, self love, and expression in your hair.

Owning Your Hair is a common theme here and just by reading this, you are taking the first step to claim your hair with purpose.

All Kinds of Wavy is for the waves and curls that just don't fit in.

We empower women and non-binary individuals with wavy hair worldwide, regardless of their location.

Our focus is on providing personalized solutions and resources that cater to diverse curl patterns, hair types, textures, and lengths.

We foster an inclusive community that celebrates diversity in beauty and self-expression, offering support and expert advice.

Our ultimate goal is to help women and non-binary individuals with wavy hair feel confident and empowered to express their unique identities.

The HOW?

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Owning Your Hair Type

Sick of bad hair days?

Our online course has got your back!

We'll help you figure out your hair type, choose the right products, and avoid the ones that don't work for you.

You won't have to guess what will work because you'll have the recipe for success for your exact hair type.

Plus, we'll teach you the best brushing techniques, the correct order to apply your stylers, and tricks to drying your hair like a pro.

You'll also discover which styling tools to use to get that perfect 'do.

What people are saying about Owning Your Hair Type...

Owning Multiple Curl Patterns

Are you tired of struggling to get cohesive, blendable wavy curls?

Maybe you have said, "I have half curly, half straight hair.."

Your hair texture makes sense, right?

Nope, it actually doesn't.

Princess Diaries puts this in perspective —it’s tricker than Paolo turning Mia’s frizzy mane into a perfectly curated princess look..

Introducing the bite-size mini course, you can finish before your morning coffee.

You'll learn how to:

  • How to identify your curl patterns
  • Understand why you may have multiple patterns due to genetics or damage
  • Adapt product selection and styling methods to multiple curl patterns

Plus, we won't leave you hanging - we've included all the tutorials you need to put what you learn into action!

Get ready to rock those beautiful waves like a pro.

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My beautiful client just 1 wash after our 1:1 coaching session!

1:1 Wavy Hair Coaching

Say goodbye to the endless trial and error of finding the perfect products and styling methods for your hair type with our coaching bundle!

If you've been struggling with your hair for months or even years, we're here to help you pinpoint what's not working and why.

We'll create a completely customized wavy curl plan just for you!

1:1 Wavy Curl Coaching includes:

  • Personalized recommendations for specific products available in your area and price range
  • Detailed styling instructions and your perfect styling routine for your schedule
  • Live Styling Zoom call where we put your plan into action, walking you through the styling process and giving tips along the way, ensuring that you can achieve the beautiful, healthy waves you've always wanted

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After trying countless anti-frizz products, I found Monat's custom routine that emphasizes scalp health and healthy, natural hair.

With their products, I felt confident to grow out my wavy hair for the first time in a decade.

Now, I'm excited to offer you a customized product lineup based on YOUR hair type, needs, and goals.

If you decide to purchase my recommendations, you can do so through a link, similar to Like-It-To-Know-It or Amazon Storefront.

Time Saving Hacks for Your Hair Type

Looking to save time on your wavy curl routine while maintaining healthy and beautiful wavy hair?

This downloadable resource offers quick and easy tips to help you identify areas where you can cut corners without compromising your wash day results.

Best of all, it's completely free!

Connect with me!

Check out the following information for where to connect with me, reach out for inquiries, or to collaborate!

Let's collab!



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